Estonia generally has solidarity with the health insurance system, which means that all Estonian citizens or those who are entitled to health insurance are entitled to the same level of quality care regardless of whether they pay or not. Health insurance costs the health insurance fund.

National health insurance does not apply to everyone. Health Insurance Act, every person lives permanently in Estonia for whom social security contributions are paid. The amount is compensated for by those who do not currently contribute – like the unemployed, pensioners or children – if the amounts of the social security fund reflect the amount. In addition to rewarding social care, people are confirmed, such as students, conscripts, pregnant women, unemployed, pensioners and spouses.

However, national health insurance is far from covering all the medical costs, and thus a situation may arise where an accident or illness will cost a day’s allowance and many other unexpected medical expenses. Its main advantage is what the sickness benefit is paid for the period that a person does not go to work because of illness.

If a person has no public health insurance or a desire to receive health insurance that covers medical expenses and protection unexpectedly, it would be wise to enter into a voluntary health insurance company. Voluntary health insurance is quite different and health insurance, but it is not an extra bonus, but just an opportunity to get an equal cover if not the current health insurance solidarity.

Voluntary health insurance benefits and medical expenses

Voluntary health insurance benefits and medical expenses

One of the main reasons to prefer voluntary health insurance is shorter waiting times. Such a can get an insurance doctor’s visit for five days, compared to a normal waiting period of a few months. It is also possible to get access to specialists without a referral from a family doctor, which makes editing much easier.

Currently, only health insurance is Arwo insurance, but instead there are various bonuses and various doctors and clinics all over Estonia who are partners in the insurance company health insurance and hence the company against the insured priority. In addition, the policy applies to all Baltic States, which provides additional security when to travel frequently in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Voluntary health insurance may cover medical costs such as:

  • The cost of outpatient – insured will be replaced at each outpatient treatment cost of 750 euros and returned 75% of the cost of doing so is not less than 25% of the excess fee for the visit. Paid outpatient services include, for example, family doctor or specialist visits, diagnostics, ultrasound, x-ray, laboratory tests, and other necessary tests, pregnancy monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as injections that bind. With regard to a company, a contractor party may receive treatment for five days, but may refer to any treatment as a point of treatment.
  • hospital treatment – Cost of hospitalization for unexpected situations and emergency medical and hospital care insurance company reimburses the cost of treatment 100% – the insurance company pays the amount directly to the hospital and balances the year 1000 euros. Recycling the following services: wage costs, diagnosis and treatment costs, operating costs, hospital catering, medications and other expenses planned medical expenses, as well as around stationary day clinics clock.
  • dental – In addition, the insurance company will reimburse 50% of the cost of dental insurance for the period of 50 euros. Dentists in dental care also benefit from the following services: reception, consultation filling, improving seals, necessary studies and oral health promotion and disease prevention. In contrast, the compensation does not cover the cost of dentures or the cost of cosmetic surgery.
  • Healing an Accident – Treatment after an accident is a cure that is required due to an accident that treatment is necessary because of an unforeseen event. The accident after treatment has been divided into two categories: damage to rehabilitation and dental benefits. The first therapeutic benefit is compensated by various procedures for rehabilitation and related tools, such as the cost of rehabilitation, braces and equipment, wheelchairs, baths, gymnastics and the like. The benefits of dental care include up to € 1,000 per year of operating costs necessary to repair the damage caused by the adaptation of the teeth or jaws of the accident.
  • Critical Medical Costs – One of the most important insurance covers a critical illness in a hospital (including studies, business, private room fees, etc.), reimbursed up to 7000 euros per year. In a critical condition, the disease that has occurred during the insurance period and for the first time since the insurance period, and the contract specified in the contract. The insurance contract thus marked the diagnosis of the disease, according to the International Classification of Diseases, then first consult the fact that the contract for such a disease is labeled. The insurance company replaces all medical expenses for the people involved in the treatment, as well as reimbursing the cost of the drugs if these costs are not covered by the health insurance fund. Critical diseases include, for example, cancer, active tuberculosis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, certain organ transplants, kidney failure, aplastic anemia, multiple sclerosis, and many other diseases.

Voluntary health insurance award conditions, price insurance and claims procedures

Voluntary health insurance award conditions, price insurance and claims procedures

Health insurance can be awarded if any person who wishes to supplement the state health insurance or is not a valid health insurance, but it has to be taken into account that the insurance contract can only be issued by a person who is 3-55 years old and who is not yet a chronic illness that can Influence safety incidents. This means that for some existing or chronic illness, it is possible that the insurance company may refuse to award the contract.

The insurance premium depends primarily on the age, health, hobbies, work, local and selected packages of the insured. In a simplified way, for example, a more affordable premium 25-year-old woman working in an office than a 40-year-old man working in the construction industry. The more dangerous a hobby or job, the more expensive insurance premium as part of the development of insurance risk. Smaller premiums can only be € 260 per year. (For example: Arwo EHIF Calculator Model Payment An estimated health insurance annual payment for a person born in 1970 € 454.85, while a person born in 1995 for health insurance is only € 259.05).

You can choose from health insurance: Estonia, Europe, World or the world + USA. Because the cost of treatment varies from region to region, the above-mentioned areas have a dramatic difference – the United States does not have a state processing system so that local treatment is expensive and hence the region is choosing a higher premium.

Different insurance package cost does not have a significant difference, and the main difference lies in the amount of medical coverage covers – such as a lower insurance package to be a critical illness reimbursement of 6.000 EUR, EUR 7000 but a larger package case. Since the six price difference is not so dramatic, it is always advisable to take a slightly larger package that offers maximum protection, as 1000 euros could be a very critical situation and make a big difference a lot.

Treatment should be contacted by a doctor as soon as possible – voluntary health insurance, insured have the right to contact the insurance company’s contractual partners to receive medical care, and in this case it is possible to get a priority. However, before starting treatment with the hospital, the insurance company should be sure to find out if and how to send a letter or a card or extract to the clinic. The reimbursement of hospital care is issued by a letter of guarantee and the insurance pays the medical expenses directly to the necessary powers. Other types of treatment required, medical expenses insured, and then send receipts to the paid insurance company – after the insurance company pays the medical expenses for compliance with the insured practice according to the interest rate agreement.

Even at a young age, think in return for concluding additional health insurance because the EHIF does not pay the cost of various treatments, hospital expenses and fees to visit. Health insurance should be concluded as soon as possible, so undoubtedly the accident will not come out, even if the health is fine, you will never know if you need to be a specialist or go to other treatments. Twenty additional cost per month is a fairly low price for a sense of security guaranteed by voluntary health insurance.


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