Help with Medicare supplement near me -How can I get help with Medicare?

How can I get help with Medicare?

Affordable hand law has made a significant impact on the healthcare market. About 90% of Americans now have some form of healthcare, but the process is far from clear and great uncertainty still looms as major insurance companies continue to withdraw from the market. There are still millions of Americans without any health insurance of any kind, and there are huge differences in the quality of the services provided to those who are insured. Prizes rise again and Medicare is now predicted to become insolvent two years earlier, in 2028. Learn more for Medicare from our specialists at o27 Health Insurance.

As in all election years, financial advisors should educate their clients on what can be at stake, especially considering that healthcare costs tend to be the highest cost for pensioners. 

Opposing Policies

If Hillary Clinton is elected, she is likely to continue President Obama’s health care policy and seek care for the remaining Americans who do not. She will, of course, adjust some of his policies as needed, but the only real big change she would like to make is that she would lift the tax on those with generous coverage. She would also give Medicare the legal right to negotiate the prices of prescription drugs with pharmaceutical companies and provide additional support to the Americans to help them pay their out-of-expenses such as co-pays and deductibles.

Donald Trump plans to revoke the affordable and health care law entirely, referring to it as a “complete disaster” in his campaign advertising. But a recent study showed that this would effectively leave 18 million Americans without insurance. Trump has also said he doesn’t want people to “die in the street,” so more information about his health policy is coming. His campaign has indicated that he could take another look at the health care issue when he is on duty if he wins the election. Like Clinton, he has also promised not to touch Medicare and also agrees with her to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

Potential impact

Needless to say, the direction our healthcare system goes by will affect millions of people not only within the country but also around the world as well. The United States leads the way in medical research and drug development and many patients come here from other countries where treatment is not available. And Obamacare can be strenuous its range among uninsured at this point as many carriers are now expected to wander their rates up substantially or to dispose of certain markets. This has created significant concerns about the future of the program and whether it is sustainable in the long term. 

Despite its landmark significance, the Affordable Care Act has not solved the cost dilemma facing healthcare and many employers continue to transfer more and more of healthcare costs to their employees and their families. The cost is still an obstacle to coverage despite previous conditions being no longer grounds for refusal of coverage. Even those who have a health insurance policy are still often unable to get treatment because of the high deductibles and co-payments that come with many policies. This applies to prescription drugs as well, including some of the generic drugs. And any government solution that requires additional expenses will only deepen the national debt and take more money from the taxpayer’s pockets from elsewhere.


The choice that the American people are facing in this election is between a candidate who will only make minor changes to the current system and one who does not seem to have a coherent plan on this point to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. But the cost of care will probably continue to increase regardless of who is elected.


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