The first month of the year is gone and with it many changes continue, so we want to give you an overview of what is happening in terms of personal and family health issues. Important changes in the health sector, which could be reflected in the quality of public services.

To ensure your health, is to ensure tranquility.

To ensure your health, is to ensure tranquility.

As part of the austerity reforms of the new government, the disappearance of the Major Medical Expenses (GMM) insurance was started, with the consequent saving of 2,700 million pesos for premiums, without considering the effects it has on the demand. of public health services, in this case mainly on the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (ISSSTE).

According to the 2017 Statistical Yearbook, active workers, pensioners and their respective dependents amounted to 13.3 million people, with a total of 23.7 million consultations, that is, an average of 1.8 consultations per person, leaving the demand of services of this institution only in 2017.

It is pertinent to remember that both former officials and public servants in force had until December 31, 2018 of a GMM insurance also have the medical service of ISSSTE, as they contribute with their contribution of 3.375% on their base salary and of course, the part of the employer’s contribution.

Most of these officials did not sue the ISSSTE for medical services, at least as regards the most serious and therefore the most costly diseases.

This fact can tip the balance in a very negative way in said Institute since, what generated an income now will generate a deficit, which is why the demand will increase therefore the quality of attention and service will be affected.

In Quasimodo Mexico we are looking for ways to help your protection remain in force, seeking to be the best ally for your health and that of your family.

If you are or were a public servant, we provide you with a policy of Major Medical Insurance that:

1) It fits your economic needs.

2) Recognize your seniority to eliminate waiting periods.

3) Increase your protection against serious diseases.

Most medical expenses insurance have waiting periods for certain conditions. We help you recognize your seniority so you do not have to wait, remember that there are few days left to make that happen.


We offer you the peace of mind to protect your family assets in case of being affected by any eventuality in your health or that of your family, remember:

“Time is today, ensure your tomorrow.”


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